Franconian Switzerland

The wellness hotel Landhaus Sponsel-Regus lies in the triangle of Bamberg, Bayreuth and Forchheim. Therewith we are right in the middle of the Franconian Switzerland with an unique landscape. You can either visit the UNESCO world cultural heritage Bamberg with its 1000-years history or you can have a look at Bayreuth - the home of the Richard-Wagner-Plays.

If you are more focused on relaxation and don't want to visit the populated cities, our unique landscape invites you for different trips through castles, nature protected areas, flowstone caves on different hiking or bicycle tours.

Hiking is popular nowadays and in the Franconian Switzerland there is a whole range of different possiblities to got to with different levels of difficulty. From a little walk up to a extensive hiking tour - we find the right way for you. Beside that you are in the region of beers in Franconia with the highest closness of breweries count on population. So you won't get thirsty during your tour.

Writer Jean Paul summarized the Franconian Switzerland in 1798 by stating:

„The way leads through one paradis into another.“