Since 1972 Veilbronn is part of the County of Bamberg.

The little village lies in the middle of the Franconian nature in the Leinleiter valley and has only 60 inhabitants. If you are searching for silence and relaxation or a starting point for different excursions and hiking tours you can't hardly find a better holiday destination than Veilbronn in Franconia.

The name actualy comes from "many wells" which is in German "viele Brunnen". The first historic mentioning of Veilbronn was in 1154. There used to be a water castle in the middle of the village which was abolished in the beginning of the 20th century. The shapes of the moat can still be seen today.

In autumn 1915 the rail way of the Leinleiter village was opened which used to connect Ebermannstadt and Heiligenstadt by a regular connection. In the middle of the century this connection was abolished and replaced by a footway that goes right through the whole valley. This allows you to have a relaxed tour whether in direction of Ebermannstadt or Heiligenstadt.

Your holiday destination - the Landhaus Sponsel-Regus - lies directly next to Heiligenstadt in the middle of an unspoiled nature and different hiking and bicyle tours.