Wellness in the Franonian Switzerland

Beside our wellness offers within the Landhaus Sponsel-Regus, the Franconian Switzerland provides several wellness facilities in his unspoiled nature.


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Wellness Facilities Outside the Wellness hotel Sponsel-Regus


Kneipp facilities in the Franconian Switzerland

Kneipp was developed by preacher Sebastian Kneipp which uses water treatments, plant ingredients, movements and nutrition recommendations.

Distances to the Kneipp facilities from the Sponsel-Regus:

Heiligenstadt: ca. 3 km
Streitberg: ca. 5 km
Ebermannstadt: ca. 8 km
Muggendorf: ca. 9 km
Waischenfeld: ca. 16 km
Gößweinstein-Behringersmühle: ca. 17 km
Therme Obernsees: ca. 20 km
Egloffstein: ca. 21 km
Forchheim: ca. 22 km
Pottenstein: ca. 24 km


Many of these facilities are reachable by a hiking tour which starts at the hotel.


Thermal spring Obernsees

You can relax in the 30° to 36°C thermal mineralised water. Sauna, whirlpool and several scent, sound, light and colour therapies are pleasant for body and soul. A special wellness day!


  • Children play oasis
  • Indoor and outdoor pool
  • Whirlpools
  • Steam baths
  • Block house sauna
  • Relaxation oasis
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pool bistro


The thermal spring Obernsees is 20km from the hotel Sponsel-Regus away.


Here you get directly to the thermal spring Obernsees!