Wellness Massages

Whole body massage:

The classic massage for the whole body and the soul is relaxing for your muscles and improves the blood circulation.



A holistic treatment with hot basalt stones that loosens hardenings and loads the energy system.


Herbal Stamp Massage:

Is a combination of a classical massage and a relaxing experience for muscles and senses. With relaxing grips and stamps filled with aromatic mountain herbs that give an extraordinary massage with the strength of nature.



Is a composition of stimulating ginger and skin easing honey extract. The harmonic scent enhances the balance of body and soul.


Lomi Lomi Nui Massage:

Originally stemming from Hawaii this rhythmic and dynamic massage also includes the use of the forearm. The body is stretched and relaxed at the same time which results in a deep physical relaxation.



The phonophorese uses tune forks to loosen blockades within the human body. The aim is to harmonize the body to provide a healthy sleep, concentration and quality of life. The tune forks can be heard and felt.


Back Massage with aromatic oils:

A combination of relaxing massage and the power of herbs that are used in the massage oil.


Honey Massage:

The honey massage acts in different ways. With special massage techniques the consistency of the honey supports the purification of the skin and specially the connective tissue.


Ayurveda-Massage (Abhyanga):

The whole body is relaxed through steady rhythms. The ayurveda massage is a deep going massage with direct stimulation of the muscles.


Cosmetic food care


Relaxation of face to fingers:

In this massage the face, décolleté, arms and hands are treated. This tightens the skin and additionally relaxes the muscles in hand and arm area.



The Breuß massage is a soft, energetic back massage that loosens Blockades and encourages regeneration of intervertebral discs and is often the solution for many movement problems.


Food Pressure Point Massage:

Feet are the mirror of the body and are directly connected with the soul. Organs and the nerve system is stimulated and positively influenced which concludes in a better blood circulation and harmonizes the energetic system.