Culinary journey through the Landhaus Sponsel-Regus

After a relaxing night a rich vital breakfast buffet is awaiting you and doesn’t leave any wishes open. In our homelike restaurant we surprise you with specialities and changing buffets from the Franconian Switzerland. Our kitchen team is daily preparing three different main dishes for you where one is always international, regional and one vegetarian. Additionally we bake everyday fresh cakes and pies for you according to our traditional recopies.

Of course we are prepared for special requests such as lactose intolerance or gluten free meals. So you don’t have to disclaim on everything.


Our wine cellar – carefully selected wines meet your senses

Wines from Franconia are internationally known but there are not only the world famous Riesling and Silvaner but also a great variation of first class wines and pure treasures. In our historic wine cellar are many different sorts of wines whether white, red or rose that allows us to find you a matching wine for your dinner or a chilling afternoon in the sun.



There are different occasions for celebrations and we are keen to make it special. A lovely decorated table is one of the most favourable meeting points in the world. No matter if birthdays, christenings or anniversaries – we help you prepare a special day!


A la care after your hiking tour

Even if you are not an in-house guest we serve you a small selection of Franconian specialities if you are hungry after your tour.

Warm kitchen in our a la carte restaurant:

11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Please be aware that our restaurant is exclusively for our in-house guests after 5 p.m.!