To unterstand the variety of Franconia you just have to visit it. It is hardly explainable. Lower, middle and upper Franconia are the northern part of Bavaria and are a true mosaik in terms of landscape and culture. Whether you are active by doing biking or hiking tours or you can choose among a whole bunch of cultural sights or traditional and historical buildings. In Franconia everybody will find something that will inspire him. Even for those who seek relaxation Franconia is the right place to be through the different valleys, beautiful landscapes and extensive nature parks. Just leave your daily worries behind you and just let go.

But Franconia would not be as is it if there were not the Franconian culinary experiences. In Franconia we have the most breweries at the ratio of inhabitants - even more than Bavaria. Most of those breweries are small and family owned and that characterizes the culture in many ways. Beside that Franconia offers also a wide range of wines that are far more than just the well known Riesling or Pinot Noir. Futhermore there are many small distilleries that make curious sorts of spirits and even Whiskys.

As you see it is no matter what are you looking for. For those who seek relaxation and silence and for those who just want to have a good time -
Franconia is the right place to be.