Places of Excursion

Discover the Franconian Switzerland and the surrounding of Bamberg - the world heritage!

Experience buildings of the middle age, the exiting nature of Franconia or the cultural city highlights. The Franconian Switzerland is always worth a journey because there are exiting trips for every age.

Land of castles and palaces

Some of these castles are reachable by a hiking tour that starts right in front of the hotel.
- Castle Greifenstein near Heiligenstadt (ca. 4 km)
- Ruin Neideck near Streitberg (ca. 10 km)
- Streitburg bei Streitberg (ca. 10 km)
- "Quacken" castel near Wiesenttal (ca. 15 km)
- Palace Wiesentfels (ca. 21 km)
- Castle Rabenstein in the Ahorn (Maple) valley (ca. 23 km)
- 1000 year old castle of Thurnau (ca. 33 km)

Discover different information about the castles and ruins right here!

Caves in the Franconian Switzerland

On hot summer days there is nothing more refreshing than a short trip under the surface of the Franconian Switzerland. Discover the flowstone caves below the soil of Franconia - a outstanding and unforgetable eperience:
- Bing cave in Streitberg (ca. 5 km)
- Sophien cave directly under the castle Rabenstein (ca. 23 km)
- "Teufelshöhle" (Devil's cave) in Pottenstein (ca. 25 km)

Find the exiting flowstone caves of Franconia - right here!

Franconia's most famous cities:

- Forchheim (ca. 23 km)
- Bamberg (ca. 28 km) -Bamberg - more to discover   
- Bayreuth (ca. 34 km)
- Nürnberg (ca. 57 km)

Further activities:
- Observatory Feuerstein (ca. 14 km)
Maisel's Beer Museum in Bayreuth (ca. 34,3 km)
Bayreuth's Catacombs in the "Aktien" brewery (35,4 km)
- Boat trip on the Main-Donau-Channel  (ca. 30 km)
- Railway museum in Neumarkt near Wirsberg (ca. 60 km)