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The hotel of the Regus family

For more than 30 years Werner and his wife Gertraud Regus managed Landhaus Sponsel-Regus in Franconian Switzerland. In the beginning, today's hotel in Franconia consisted of agriculture, a butcher's shop and a lodging business. At that time, the "hotel business" was limited to a season that lasted only a few weeks.

Through innovative expansions and investments, the Landhaus in Franconia has developed and established itself as a feel-good and wellness hotel. Early in the 90s the investment in a swimming pool with sauna and solarium was tackled. Since then, work on the subject of "wellness" in the hotel has continued.

In 2007 the constant quality orientation and investment have paid off: Landhaus Sponsel-Regus in Veilbronn was awarded the fourth star. It was thus the first 4-star hotel in the Bamberg district.

When the family is together, the soul is also in its place!

Landhaus Sponsel-Regus is a family business through and through. Werner and Gertraud Regus have three children, two of whom work in the business. The eldest daughter Melanie has found her vocation in another business.

The eldest son Michael returned to his parents' business after his apprenticeship and wandering years and, with his flair for indulgence and culinary delights, passed the examination for master chef in spring 2008. He is married to hotel manager Diana and has two children: Luis and Leon. Every day the family proves that family life and independence are not mutually exclusive but can be well combined.

The younger son Markus has completed his bachelor's degree in hotel management and is now working for you at the reception and in reservations at Sponsel-Regus. His girlfriend Madlen is a restaurant specialist and is therefore mainly to be found in the restaurant for the guests.

The family and the young team are there for their guests every day with warmth and joy! Through the sons Michael and Markus, the succession of Landhaus Sponsel-Regus in Franconia is secured, in order to lead the business innovatively into the future. The seniors Regus are still active, work daily on the success of the holiday hotel and are on hand with help and advice for the next generation.

Also, with the newest investment "Schlössla", which was put into operation at the beginning of 2018, the Regus family takes another step towards an incomparable wellness hotel in Franconia.

We are happy about every step the company takes towards a successful future, and especially to be able to inspire you as our guests!

Your family Regus

Head chef Michael Regus

Head chef of the kitchen staff is Michael Regus himself who is creating the daily 5-course menu in the evening.

We hope you enjoy your culinary travel through Franconia!

Tradition since 1760

The long history of the Regus family reaches back in the year of 1760 when the first family members bought the building.

From then on through decades of work - at first in agriculture and then more in guest accommodation - the four star wellness hotel Sponsel-Regus was established.

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