Classic wellness massages during your wellness holiday

Relaxation for body and soul

Massages are caresses for body and soul. In addition to relaxing the muscles, natural skin functions are supported and the metabolism is stimulated.

Choose the one that suits you best from our wide range of wellness massages.
Our trained Sponsel-Regus massage team will pamper you so that you can leave everyday life behind you.

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Special pampering massages

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Classic wellness massage

Back Massage
The classic back massage is ideal for the prevention and treatment of tension in the muscles and in the neck and back area. It improves the blood circulation of the skin and of course also relaxes the back muscles.
Aromatic Oil Massage
The aromatic oil massage is an ideal combination between a classic, relaxing back massage and the healing powers of special plants that are added to the massage oil.
The Breuß massage is a sensitive, energetic manual back massage that can release spiritual, energetic and physical blockages. It initiates the regeneration of undersupplied intervertebral discs and is the key to solving many problems in the musculoskeletal system, especially in the sacral region.
Honey Massage
The honey massage works in several ways. With a special massage technique, supported by the consistency of the honey, an intensive stimulation and detoxification of the skin layers is achieved. Especially the connective tissue is stimulated and supplied with blood. The ingredients of the honey support the purification.
Full body massage
The classic massage is beneficial and refreshing for body and soul. While you relax, your blood circulation is stimulated and your connective tissue is strengthened.
Hot stone massage
A holistic energetic treatment with hot basalt stones. Tensions are released and the energy system is charged. By using the stones, the blood and lymph flow is stimulated.

Special applications

Herbal stamp massage
A harmonious combination of classic massage and a feel-good experience for the muscles and your senses! The massage is combined with loose and relaxing massage grips and pleasantly hot, aromatic herbal stamps filled with mountain herbs. An extraordinary massage with the power of nature – a real pleasure!
Honey-ginger full-body massage
A composition of gently stimulating ginger and skin-soothing honey extract. The harmonious scent supports the balance of body and soul.

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